Ring Size

Q: How to measure my ring size?


Step 1: Find a piece of string / paper or anything similar.

Step 2: Wrap it TIGHT around your finger.

Step 3: Mark the area where two end meets.

Step 4: Measure the length with a ruler and find your size in below chart.

Circumference (cm)Ring Size - US
5 cm5
5.5 cm6
6 cm7
6.5 cm8
7 cm9
7.5 cm10

** Size chart above shown as US standard ring size.


i) The fingers on your dominant hand are usually slightly bigger than on your non-dominant hand.

ii) Your fingers swell in hot weather and shrink in cold weather. Swelling can also be caused by salt and alcohol.

**The ring might be loose or tight on your fingers even if you select the correct size. In this case, we're sorry as we're unable to offer any exchanges.